BEM Board Meeting Aug ONLINE only

The August 15th Board meeting will not take place in the picnic shelter but will be online.

The Ribbon cutting ceremony has been cancelled.

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NEW!! View Member Communication Emails

You can now view prior Member Communication Email messages.

From the Owner Info and Resources menu – Select Member Communications. You can then select the one you want from the dated list.

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Big Elk Meadows Community Update 2-12-2019

Dear Big Elk Community Members,

A few important updates:

As you know, the BEMA Board in conjunction with the VFD has been working since the flood of 2013 to fund and construct a separate office to house the administrative and operation functions for BEMA. This is critical, as the current temporary office in the firehouse is not handicapped accessible and does not fall within the allowed uses of that building on the second floor. Over the past 5 years, many ideas have been shared and explored and the Board is committed to finding a solution that best satisfies the needs of the community. At the BEMA Board meeting on Feb. 16, we will present an analysis of options for addressing this issue. We will continue gathering input from the community at a town hall meeting on Sunday March 10th at noon in the firehouse to discuss these options. The Board will then send out an official ballot and ask the community to vote on the option they believe is in the best interest of the community in March. All members are invited to attend both the meeting on Feb. 16, where the options will be presented and the town hall meeting on Sunday March 10 to ask questions and share constructive feedback.
There has been an incident of dumping of household trash in the Upper Meadow. We would like to remind everyone of the rules regarding disposing of trash, house hold items and slash.

Household trash can be placed in the compactor currently located next to the old office building and is part of the Annual Assessment. Other trash items such as old furnishings and construction materials go into the dumpster near the water tower and a slash area is available to dispose of yard waste such as tree limbs, leaves and pine needles. There is a fee for dumpster use and no charge for slash disposal. Please contact the office to schedule your access to the dumpster or slash area at: 303-835-7557. Fees for dumpster use will be paid at the time of use. Contact the Lot Maintenance Committee for assistance with slash. The new system to dispose of slash was implemented as non-compostable materials were dumped in the slash pile and created a very difficult and unsightly mess in the Upper Meadows. The new system has been put in to place to ensure this does not happen again.

Thank You

Your BEMA Board of Directors

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Message from the Big Elk Meadows Board of Directors – December 21, 2018

Hello Big Elk Meadows Members – as the holidays approach, we sincerely hope that everyone will have a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful 2019! 
A few brief updates:
* The groundbreaking ceremony for the Meadow Lake Dam held on Saturday was a huge success!  Larimer County Commissioner, Tom Donnelly spoke and congratulated our community for the hard work that has been put into rebuilding our dams and infrastructure since the flood.  He also noted that he is aware of additional improvements and would work hard to make those happen.  Thanks to the BEMA Social Committee for providing refreshments following the ground breaking.
*A few changes to the Board of Directors and Officers who were voted on at the December 15th meeting.  Christa Isenhart will now serve as First Vice President and Cathy Faughnan will now serve as Secretary of the Board.  Contact info along with Board Meeting Minutes, Committee Reports, answers to frequently asked questions and much more can be found on the BEMA website at victoria
* Thanks to everyone for their generosity toward the Maggio Family as Tom continues to recover.  If you would like to provide a meal or other assistance, please contact Elaine Murphy at (303) 747-4103 who is coordinating the effort.  
* Friendly reminder the Winter Brunch is being held on Sunday, January 13th, 2019 from Noon until 2:00 at Lionscrest Manor in Lyons.  The cost is $20 for adults, children 3 – 10 $15 and children under 3 are free.  Reservations with payment can be made on-line at:  

or checks can be made out to: BEMA or Big Elk Meadows Association and either hand delivered or mailed into the office.  If tickets for this event are purchased after December 31st, the rate will increase to $25 for adults, children 3 – 10 $15 and children under 3 are free.  The deadline for ticket purchase is January 7th.  No tickets or purchases for this event at the door.  Please note that in order to put on this event, 50 attendees must participate so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend.  If you want to be someone’s Secret Santa and underwrite their ticket(s) please email Leona at
Warm Regards
Your BEMA Board of Directors


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Annual VFD Santa Ride and cookie delivery

Hello BEMA Members,

Please mark your calendars for a few upcoming events.

This coming Saturday Dec. 8 is the Annual VFD Santa Ride and cookie delivery.

 Every year the VFD hosts Santa as he and his elves ride around Big Elk delivering cookies.  In order for this to work they need cookies…the more the merrier!  🙂

Please bring cookies to the Fire Station on Saturday morning starting at 7:30 AM and no later than 9:30 and they need some elves to help pack the cookie packages.

The ride begins at 11:30 and the plan is to have a trailer and hay bales so folks can ride along with Santa.  If you are home around then listen for the Fire Truck sirens and come out so the elves will know to deliver to you.

** Join us for the Ground Breaking Ceremony on Dec. 15 at 1:00….snow or shine.   This is the last dam in Big Elk (in Larimer County) to be rebuilt and much cause for celebration!  Light refreshments will be served in the Fire Station after the ceremony.

And another quick reminder of the Winter Wonderland Brunch on Jan. 13.  You can buy your tickets here:

Or you can mail (or drop off) a check made out to “BEMA” to the BEMA office.   Early Bird pricing until Dec. 13.

Your BEMA Board of Directors

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BEM Holiday Brunch – January 13, 2019

Hello BEMA Members,

Last year the Holiday Brunch was so well received we are repeating what we did last year.   HOWEVER due to circumstances beyond our control the date of the Holiday Brunch has changed to:

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Here are the details:

Date: Sunday Jan. 13, 2019
When: 12:00 to 2:00
Where:  Lionscrest Manor in Lyons, CO

Leona and Robert Forsberg have very generously donated the use of Lionscrest Manor which is a HUGE donation to help keep costs down.  The cost is to cover the catering which was lovely last year and we are using the same catering company.

Lionscrest will be beautifully decorated and they will have the photo booth again which was a lot of fun.

** Important ** You must buy tickets in advance and EarlyBird Pricing is available this year.  Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.

EarlyBird Pricing through Dec. 13
Cost: $20 per adult (age 10 and up), $15 child (ages 3-10), kids under3 are free.  The cost includes food, coffee, tea, juice and tax and tip.
Mimosas are being donated for adult enjoyment.

Prices starting Dec.14 are $25 per adult (age 10 and up), $15 child (ages 3-10)

You can pay online – click on this link:

There is a small processing fee to pay online.

Or you can mail your check (made out to BEMA) or hand-deliver it to the BEMA office. In order to receive EarlyBird pricing the check must be received by Dec. 13 so mail it no later than Dec 6.

If you want to be someone’s Secret Santa and underwrite their ticket(s) please contact Leona at

We had a wonderful time last year and hope you can join us this year!

If you have any questions please contact the Social Committee Chair:

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BEM New Office and Fundraiser

BEM New Office and Fundraiser

The new office/community building is currently under review as we continue our fundraising efforts. 

The proposed building will contain:

  • 2 public restrooms
  • 2 offices
  • Community Meeting room to be used for:
    • Board meetings
    • Small parties
    • Book groups, yoga classes and other community functions

The building will be adjacent to the tennis courts and will be same color and finish as existing buildings.

The building will cost about $230k (we have $100k from the sale of the BEM cabin) and we are conducting a fundraiser to raise the additional funds needed.

Memorial Brick Fundraiser

We need your help!!!

  • Purchase a brick that will have your personal message engraved on it
  • Current, past of even future members: Become a permanent part of our community!
  • 4 different brick sizes – the largest allows custom logos
    • Business bricks will be in a special section separate from member bricks
  • Bricks will be placed near the new office building


Place your brick order here:


Or stop by the office and pickup a form

Please order bricks by December 2018 (what a great holiday gift idea!).

  • All members of your BEMA board have committed to purchasing bricks and encourage everyone who can to participate!


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BEM email 22-Jan-2018

Attention Big Elk Residents:

We are trying to track down a water leak.

Please search your property for any potential problems, check your crawlspace for leaks and yards for wet/ice spots. If you have noticed any pressure related issues please let us know, a split pipe may still deliver water with weak pressure.

We are going to begin a systematic check of service lines (water line from the main to the home), shutting off each line at the first valve from the main and monitoring the main meter to determine if there is a reduction in use.  Once the leak is found the valves will be returned to the open position. This process will not recharge winterized homes. Full time residents may experience a brief (5-15 minute) interruption in service.

We would like to begin this process on Tuesday 1.23.2017

Please contact Paul Flanagan to report leaks, problems or concerns.

Paul Flanagan

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BEM email 09-Jan-2018

Dear Big Elk Meadows Community Members,

You may have recently received a letter from Boulder County informing you that Big Elk Meadows Association has submitted an application for a Limited Impact Special Use for review to perform flood-related riparian restoration along roughly 1,150 feet of shoreline around Rainbow and Sunset Lakes.

This application is required by Boulder County to proceed with grading and shoreline work in the sections of the lakes in Boulder County.  This work is necessary to remove sediment and debris deposited in the lake bottoms during the flood and to stabilize the shoreline.  It will also make our lakes more habitable to fish and wildlife.   As noted on the mailing, the hearing will be held on Feb. 1 at 11am in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room, Third Floor, Boulder County Courthouse, 1325 Pearl Street, Boulder CO.  If you wish to provide support for the project by commenting (such comments are valued by the staff and commissioners) in an email to the commissioners before the Jan 8 deadline for comments, please do so at:<>, by referencing Docket #LU-17-0028.

A side note from me (Christa, the BEMA Board Secretary) – this email was intended to be a reminder of the letter you may have received.  If you got the letter you already knew of the deadline for comment but we wanted to remind you.  My deepest apologies that I wasn’t able to send out this reminder sooner as intended.

This work is anticipated to proceed following approval from Boulder County.  Grading and riparian work was recently completed for Willow Lake and is underway for Mirror, Rainbow and Meadow (Larimer County).  To review the plan developed for this work by Biohabitats Inc. and other supporting documents, please go to and searching for docket #LU-17-2-0028

This is one of the many steps involved in reconstructing our lakes.  The Board, through its reconstruction committee, is continuing to work on the design and construction of the Meadow Lake Dam (anticipated) spring 2018 and Sunset Lake Dam (anticipated spring 2019).  The Boulder County Cooperative is currently considering funding for Sunset Lake dam.  We will continue to keep you updated on progress of these projects and appreciate your patience as we work thought this complex process.


Your BEMA Board of Directors

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BEM email 08-Jan-2018

Hello BEMA Members,

Mike Krause, one of your BEMA Board of Directors, will be resigning his Director position in the January 20, 2018 Board meeting and has 5 months remaining on his term.

According to our By-Laws when a BEMA Director resigns from the board before their 3-year term is up the Board can appoint someone to fill that position until the next Annual Meeting.  If there are remaining years left on their term, at the Annual Meeting the Members will vote on someone to fill the remainder of the term.

We are seeking Letters of Interest from all BEMA Members so we can appoint someone to serve in Mike’s position until the Annual Meeting this May.

If you are interested in “dipping your toe in the water” of being on the BEMA Board now is an excellent opportunity!

At the Annual Meeting in May there will be 4 Director positions open for 3-year terms so if you aren’t appointed now don’t worry… we still need you!!

There are only a few requirements to serve on the Board and I’ve attached a document with more details.  At the very least you need:

1. To be able to regularly monitor your email and respond to Board emails in a timely way.

2. Attend every Board Meeting possible which is held the third Saturday of the month starting at 9:00 AM.

3. Chair and serve on a committee which involves additional time spent outside of the monthly Board meetings to make progress on the different projects.

Please send Christa Isenhart (BEMA Secretary) at a “Letter of Interest” including  residence and work history, skill sets including level of computer software proficiency, and why you are interested in serving on the Board by Monday Jan 15, 2017.    Also, please be available to attend the Board meeting on Jan. 20.

The Board will make the appointment in the Jan. 20, 2018 meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you.  If you have questions please let Christa know.

Thank you,

Your BEMA Board of Directors

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BEM email 12-Dec-2017

Dear BEMA Members,

We wanted to let you know the results of the Ballot measure to merge BEMA and BEWA.

New Governing Documents and Merger Documents Ballot Results   80% of the membership voted and the new BEMA governing documents and BEWA/BEMA merger documents were approved by the members of both Associations.  Ballot results as tabulated by an independent validation and tabulation committee (Richard Holland, Jerolyn Holland & Victoria Carr) and verified by the Board Secretary, Christa Isenhart, were as follows:

Articles of Merger to Replace BEMA & BEWA Articles of Incorporation (required a majority of the 165 BEMA members or 83 “For” Votes to pass and required a majority of 161 BEWA members or 81 “For” votes to pass):

BEMA:            For –  126                  Against – 7

BEWA:            For –  123                  Against – 7

Merger Plan and Agreement (required 67% of the 165 BEMA members or 111 BEMA “For” votes to pass and 67% of 161 the BEWA members or 108 BEWA votes to pass:

BEMA:            For –  126                  Against – 7

BEWA:            For –  123                  Against – 7

BEMA Amended Declaration (required 67% of 165 BEMA members or 111 votes “For” to pass):

BEMA:             For –  122                 Against – 11

BEWA:             For –  119                 Against – 11

BEMA Amended Bylaws (required majority of 165 BEMA members or 83 “For” votes to pass):

BEMA:             For –  122                 Against – 11

BEWA:             For –  119                 Against – 11

We can now proceed with finalizing the paperwork and filing the documents with the state and counties to complete the merger.

Many thanks to everyone who voted!

Your BEMA Board of Directors

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BEM Update 04-13-17 Big Elk Cleanup Day

Hi everyone,


We hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring day!


Filling the Water Tank:

The water tank on the hill will begin filling on Thursday, 04/13 at midnight and will continue until Friday, 04/14 at 4:00 am. This will impact the flow of water to your home during these times.

Please be aware of this.

Reminder Dates:

The Annual Meeting will be held on May 27th. You will be receiving further communication on this soon.


The clean-up day is Scheduled for May 13th. Please see the announcement below.




for a

Big Elk Meadows Clean-up Day!

When: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Time: 8:00 am to ???


Volunteers will be working in various locations around the Meadows in order to spruce up the community for the Summer Season.

Water and refreshments will be provided.

Prior to the Clean-Up, on Friday, May 12, 2017 there will be a FREE DUMPSTER available AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO MEMBERS

This is available until the dumpster is full and will help you clean-up around your own property!


What you can dispose of in the dumpster:

  • Construction Material Waste
  • Old Furniture


DO NOT DUMP the following:

  • Electronics such as televisions, computers, stereo or other audio/visual equipment and vacuum cleaners
  • Appliances
  • Concrete
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Household Trash will go to the Compactor
  • Slash/yard debris will go to the Slash Pile in the Upper Meadows


-> Note: If you are unable to transfer your slash to the Upper Meadows, please have your slash at the end of your drive for easy pickup by volunteers.

  • Paint and Stain—Timothy from Best Way painting will be available from 8:00 to 4:00 to receive your un-used paint, free of charge!


NOTE: IF you need assistance in removing any item from your property, please contact Linda Adler at the number below.


Remember to mark your calendars for Saturday, May 13 2017 for the Big Elk Meadows Clean-up Day! and if by chance you are unable to be present but would still like to volunteer, providing refreshments would be most appreciated.

To sign up please phone

Mike or Jeana Krause at 303-823-2442,

Elaine Murphy at 303-747-4103,

Linda Adler at 303-709-4086, Selena Davis at 303-823-5054


Thank you!

Enjoy your day!

Your Big Elk Meadows Board of Directors

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BEM Update 03-24-17 Thanks, Important Dates

Hi everyone,

St. Patty’s Day Party

Many thanks to Mike and Jeana Krause for hosting a very fun party. It was very well attended with great food and drink and everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you for generosity in bringing the community together for this event!

Alarm to Sound on Saturday, March 25th at noon
Big Elk Meadows VFD is hosting a MCI training Saturday, March 23rd, 2017, starting at 1200. The training should be concluded no later than 1700 and a BBQ will be held after. NCMC will be bringing a helicopter up to participate, so if you have not had an opportunity to train on preparing for or calling for an air rescue this would be a good opportunity for you. My training officer is asking for folks to participate in training as well as folks to act as victims so there is an opportunity for anyone to participate regardless of certification level.

Updates to the Directory

With the summer approaching, more members will be enjoying the Meadows. To be able to contact each other easier during the summer months, the directory will be printed in time for the Annual Meeting on May 27th. Typically, the new directory was available at the Labor Day picnic. If your information in the directory needs updating, please send these changes to Victoria at

Important dates to Remember

Spring cleanup is scheduled for May 13th.
The Annual Meeting is scheduled for May 27th. Please add both dates to your calendar.

Work Order Form

If you wish to request work to be done around the community, please fill out the Work Order form and submit this to Victoria. It is attached in this email. An example of a work order that was submitted recently was to have the culverts removed from the Little Deer area. If you have questions, please contact Victoria.

Website Updates
The website is undergoing an update! It is being moved to a shared hosting account to allow for easier access and updates. It will also be migrated from a Drupal site to a WordPress site, which will be transparent to the members. A member sign-in will be established to safeguard the information about BEM. With the changes, you might see a minor interruption in reaching the website. If there is an extended outage, a communication will be sent containing information about the duration and when the site will be accessible again. We do not expect this to happen.

Many thanks to Tori Devore and Ryan Summers for their expertise and volunteering their time to make these updates!!!

Date Change for Next Board Meeting

Due to the Easter Holiday on April 15th, the BEMA Board of Directors will hold their meeting on April 8th at 9am in the Guthrie Station. All members are welcome to attend!

Happy Spring!
Your Big Elk Meadows Board of Directors

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