BEM Update 02-13-17 Snow Plows and Reconstruction

Hi everyone,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

We hope that you enjoyed the nice warm weekend in Colorado. Be aware that due to the high winds over the weekend, there were numerous trees that came down. None are blocking the roads.

Water Bills:
Water bills (invoices) will be coming out this week by email and USPS for those who requested paper bills. The email subject line will read “Pledge 0000 From Big Elk Meadows Association”. These are the water invoices that come out quarterly! Some of you will be receiving paper
copies of past bills and a statement with past due amounts. If you receive just an invoice (electronic or paper) you are current and this is all you owe at this time.
We are approaching the end of the year and our funds get tight during this time so your prompt payment would be much appreciated. We will be sending out statements during the next few months to make sure everyone is current by the end of the fiscal year. Thank you for your financial support.

Willow Lake Dam Project:
A bid opening meeting was held for Willow Lake Dam last week. There were six companies that submitted a bid for the Willow Dam project. The bid is scheduled to be awarded on February 21st.

Mirror Dam & Waterline Projects:
Final closeout for both projects has been rescheduled with the State. Closeout will require audits by our Accountant and FEMA. Closeout Letters and Lien Waivers will need to be processed.

Rainbow Dam Project:
Rainbow Lake Dam is 95% complete. Additional rip rap was purchased and placed on the dam. GEI has generated a 13-item punch list which is being worked on by Ackerman’s Excavation.

Update from Paul Flanagan Regarding the Water
Please read the attachment titled “Lead_Public_Education_Water Bill 2.10.2017”. In this attachment, Paul has provided an update to the condition of the drinking water in Big Elk Meadows. Here is an excerpt from the attachment:

What happened & What is being done?

In September 2016, we tested five homes for lead; one home had a reportable level of lead. We tested again in January 2017, 12 homes, and did not find any homes with reportable levels in exceedance of 15ppb limit. Each home tested will receive their individual results.

Your Big Elk Meadows Board of Directors

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BEM Update 08-11-2016 Fire Bells – Volunteer and Social Group

Fire Bells

Volunteer and Social Group Fire Bells are a group of people from Big Elk Meadows who support the Fire Department, support the community in event of an emergency, build community spirit in positive and constructive ways, and are people that like to have some fun. This group is open to all people that live in the Meadows – full time and part time, male and female.

Come to the Fire Department on August 27 and meet some of the fire department, medical personnel and Bells to find out what you can do and how you can help and support our community. For example, you can learn how to be a traffic control agent in the event of an emergency or provide food when fire fighters are out on long incidents such as search and rescue! Fire Bells also plan coffees on snowy Sat mornings, BINGO games, sing along at Christmas with the Big Elk Meadows choir (caroling at Christmas) and more ideas that may come from you.

At the end of the meeting on August 27nd, you will receive a quick tour of the Fire Station. Come on down for refreshments and fun!

Questions or for more information about joining the VFD: Call Jerolyn Holland at 303-823-5277

Digital Sign

As part of the ongoing communications to the Meadows, the digital sign on the old BEM office has been fixed and is now working! Take a moment to read the information posted.

Bids for Road Base and Stripping and Dredging

Reconstruction bids for the Road Base and Lake Stripping / Dredging have not been signed yet. You will receive additional notice on when work will begin and what to expect. Information will be provided as far in advance as possible.

Your Big Elk Meadows Board of Directors





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New Board Elected

Our new board has been elected

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Bears! And Other Updates

Hi everyone,

The Annual Meeting held on May 28, 2016 was a huge success!  We sincerely thank everyone that attended the meeting. We know that many of you could not be there in person and we appreciate your support, emails, and proxies!

Please welcome the 4 new board members elected: Mike Krause, Jim Murphy, Randy Orth, and Larry Wimp.  These new directors will each serve a 3-year term. Congratulations! We look forward to the energy and perspectives that these new directors will bring.

Construction Update:

·   We now have new water mains, service lines and new meters. All buried piping is fused so there are no joints, thus eliminating the leaks that the old water system suffered.

·   The water tank is installed and is located to the east of the sand shed. It will be tested for leaks. With the new tank, there will be constant water pressure in the water lines, even when power is out.

·   Road Improvements – Culverts and Road Base will be worked on in June 2016. The winter was hard on the roads and they have been muddy and bumpy. Please be patient with this work.

·   Restoration Plan (Shoreline and Riparian) – we will establish riparian vegetation at the bottom of lakes for silt control to reduce sedimentation

Dam Progress:

·      Mirror Lake Dam – Completed and filled.

·      Rainbow Lake (30% complete):

o   Dam engineering is complete

o   Outlet Structure is complete

o   Will be resuming work this summer after runoff

·      Willow Lake Dam

o   Engineering design is 90% complete

o   Target completion date is the fall of 2016

·      Meadow Lake Dam

o   Engineering design is 90% complete.

o   FEMA has not agreed to assist in rebuilding this dam

o   An appeal to this decision has been filed

·      Lake Beds – Dredging and Cleanup

·      Little Deer Crossing –To be determined

Accounting goes Digital: Going forward, the 2016-17 Annual Assessments and Water Invoices will be sent electronically through email going forward.  This will save the postage costs and allows for members to receive this information quickly.

The pool will be opening this weekend – just in time for all this hot weather!!

Bears in the Meadows – We have had multiple calls about bears in the Meadows this past Sunday.  Please do not put bird feeders on your property and don’t leave food outside of your home or in your car.  There are at least 2 bears moving around the Meadows.  One is brown 200 to 250 pounds and the other is black about 150 pounds and they are not afraid of people so be very cautious.  Six homes were visited so far, with 2 additional reports  today.  A fed bear is a dead bear so do not let them get food!

We hope that you are enjoying your time in the Meadows.

Your Big Elk Meadows Board of Directors

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BEM Update 5/4/2016 Dumpster for Large Items Available – May 13th

Hi everyone,

The Board of Directors of Big Elk Meadows has observed that mitigation and property clean-up needs to be done throughout the Meadows.  On May 13th, Big Elk Meadows Association is having a dumpster brought in to assist each home owner with their clean-up activities.  Should you need or require assistance in transporting slash or other items, Big Elk Meadows Association will supply a truck and driver during this time.  Please contact Linda Adler at 303-823-5080 or Elaine Murphy at 303-747-4103 to request assistance.

The additional dumpster is to be used for old construction or large household items and is available until full.  Items such as tires, paint, electronics, etc. will not be allowed in the dumpster.   Mitigation and slash need to be moved to the Upper Meadows.  As a reminder, there is no additional charge for this dumpster which will be located by the old BEMA office.  If you need assistance in preparing for mitigation, please contact VFD Fire Chief, Nelson Renouf at 303-823-9516.

Thank you for working toward keeping your property and Big Elk Meadows safely mitigated and clean.


The Board of Directors

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BEM Update 10/1/13

Home Winterization

Approximately 45% of the homes have been winterized. More are in process.  An email was sent yesterday to the homes in which the winterization process has been completed.

The following tasks are included in the winterization process:

  • Water, electricity, propane shut off
  • Refrigerator emptied
  • Antifreeze in toilets and pea traps
  • Water drained from water heaters
  • Disconnected washing machines.

No winterization has been done to dishwashers or hot tubs.  The process does not include the blowing out of pipes.  We do not anticipate completing these activities due to lack of personnel and focused concentration on the roads and water system.

If you have not received an email and have winterized your own home, please let Cathy Sees know.

Photos of your home

Individual photos were being sent out, however in light of the time this takes, the photos will be posted on the Facebook page BEM – the Road Home later today.  If you see the photo of your home and do not wish for it to be seen by others, please let Cathy Sees know and she will take it off the page.

Infrastructure focus:

Today, we are attending at meeting that FEMA is holding.  The meeting agenda is for groups applying for public assistance.  I will send out what we learn after this meeting.

Don Parks (water engineering) and Roy McCutchen (member and former Board member) toured BEM this weekend to begin the planning of rebuilding our water distribution system.  We will keep you posted as we learn of their recommendations.

Meeting on Wednesday

Guy Scoma, Cathy Sees, and I will be in BEM tomorrow (Wednesday).  If you are in the Meadows, we are planning on meeting with everyone from 10:30-11:00 at the Firehouse.  The purpose of this meeting is to receive and give an update from both the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ members.  We will be meeting with the BEM staff and focal point representatives’ s to review processes, supply logistics, and communications.  If you are in the Meadows, please plan to join us at 10:30 am at the Firehouse.  We won’t have all the answers but will be glad to meet with you and discuss our future rebuilding.

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